My name is Sean, and this is my website 😀.

I like to create games, music, puzzles, talk about programming, write software, ponder the mysteries of the cosmos, and experiment with meditation and leaving my body.

Thank you for visiting – feel free to poke around, and if you like something, let me know!

You can view a list of all posts, or read my latest post: Mind Awake Body Asleep.

- Sean (aka velipso)

Recent News

New Domain (Again!)

If you’re reading this, then you are accessing the site through sean.fun instead of sean.cm!

I decided to move from .cm to .fun for two reasons:

  1. The .cm domain is for Cameroon, and I’m definitely not from there
  2. The .cm domain isn’t supported by AWS, but .fun is

Also, the purpose of my website is fun, so .fun it is!

New Website (Again!)

I spent many many hours migrating my website to what you see now!

I used to use Jekyll to manage my website, but it broke constantly. I don’t think it was Jekyll’s fault, but Ruby. I don’t use Ruby regularly, so every time I tried to add content to my website, I had to fight with Ruby’s environment. It was so frustrating!

My solution was to simply not deal with it, and never update my site!

In August, I wanted to start journaling about my out of body experiences. Since I didn’t want to deal with Ruby, I paid for a year of hosting on Ghost.org. I really enjoyed Ghost, but that meant my main website was separate from my journal.

Anyways, I bit the bullet, and finally redesigned my entire site in Hugo, which is so much better than Jekyll (because it uses Go instead of Ruby).

So, finally I should be able to update my website without a huge headache – I hope!

Inky and the Alien Aquarium

My wife and I have been working on a puzzle game over the past year, and it’s finally ready to be released!

You play as Inky, a flapjack octopus, who has been abducted by aliens and put on display in their aquarium.

It will release on Kickstarter with both physical and digital versions.

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